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Acer Aspire ZC-606 Constantly Restarting After RAM.

Can you please help. I'm having same problem, i see the fan come on but hear no hard drive engage. Dave Sorry to hear that, Rick. A site which is well organized helps in motivating the visitors to explore it further by spending some more time on the web pages.

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This had worked months before when I was trying to recognize my velociraptor. Like I said, I will try the BIOS update to see if this helps, and it's weird that it sees the Kingston stick and can boot to BIOS, but Windows just Try removing any external devices-such as cameras and printers-unplug the PC and hold down on the power button for thirty seconds. But the next time I restart the machine, it will go right back to the endless reboot cycle and I have to cold boot the system again to make it stop. https://community.acer.com/t5/All-In-One-PCs/Acer-Aspire-ZC-606-constantly-restarting-after-RAM-upgrade/td-p/434656

I tried with diff HD, no HD, no CD, no dimms. This is NOT a problem with my hard drives. 2. Alot of people are having this problem and in different Mobo's . It will not boot into Windows, but if it does anything different, the problem could be a the RAM or HDD.

I used to press all the keys and it load the OS.It happens every time.After Loading the OS, also having problems. So I plugged the mouse into the front ports and no light. Good luck. Candarra My Acer PC went into a sleep mode or energy saving mode and I cannot get it out. But when there is no power, the power supply itself is usually the culprit.

You should post on our forums, where we have a lot of techs as members. But again, the forums is the best place to troubleshoot in detail. Charmie My accer M460 beeps when i turn it on but it stays blank and the fan Windows fires right up with no problems, I can even play games and all system stress tests check out. http://newwikipost.org/topic/nNKwyVfZ8XXXuqglP01RWtALHFAOVZKA/Explorer-exe-constantly-restarting.html Back when I played starcraft it would shut off sometimes and I never figured out why.

How do I get out of this rut? The worst I'll have to do is RMA the board, it's brand new...but if that information helps, any other ideas? Now the computer screen just glows and I can't get it to display anything. I can't find anything wrong.

If i am in the internet browser,the page automatically scrolls to up every time.i have tried , 1.removing battery. 2.Ram removing. 3.Reinstall or formatted the OS. https://www.pctechbytes.com/acer/acer-computer-will-not-boot/ Raid does absolutely nothing for any such problems of course. The problem persists. But it is clear that you either have a memory issue, a motherboard issue, or a chipset issue.

Login now. see here The board has auto-detected and set the voltage to 1.5v. Strange, but the common denominator in all the "Reboot Loop" threads are dual and quad core intel CPU's . . . I've monitored all my temps and even opened a window and have a box fan directly blowing onto my computer and my gpu and cpu have extremely low temps, they hover

Any help would be greatly appreciated. and i get and error message when booting up mouse not detected .. No one seems to really know what it is ... this page An error (403 Forbidden) has occurred in response to this request.

See More Collapse jur4ik Laptop (Lenovo W530) reboot loop Hey guys, I have a problem with my laptop. However, if I open the laptop lid very slightly and then turn on the power (or wait a few seconds to come out of hibernate), the display turns on and then I Is the memory you are trying new, or was it previously used?

See More Collapse dholmb Computer shuts off while playing certain games My computer shuts down when I'm playing certain games only and I do not believe it is cause my overheating.

The globe led next to the charge led, lights up but the pc does not boot. The quickest way to narrow power problems down is to plug the PC directly into a known working outlet, disconnect all USB or other external devices, like scanners, printers and drives. The voice quality should be perfect. I do not work at Acer, I am unemployed and still in school.

I don't know why it didn't boot with 6GB ram installed (4gb and 2gb).The exact model of the PC is an Acer Aspire ZC-606-UR24. I gather the problem is hardware but I don't really know where I should be looking to narrow down the problem further. I just started playing paladins and it started to do it again. http://sortpictures.net/acer-aspire/acer-aspire-u5-610-all-in-one.html Dave You can try posting your question in our forums where techs can help troubleshoot.

The monitor is black and says it is in energy saving mode. Try booting again. New to Acer Community? They often have a page devoted to 'tested and approved' ram sticks, because not all ram is created equal.

See More Collapse HuH97 Word cannot open the document Hello,  I have a .docx document which for unknown reason does not open. What I would prefer the "details" view to show is Date modified and Size. I do not have the opportunity to mash DEL to get into setup or F8 to get into Windows startup options. Any help would be greatly appreciated.https://imgur.com/a/OXJLv It's not a problem with the power supply or battery because they are both new.