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Desmume Crashes


even if it was a lot of information, I hope that somebody out there is able to understand it and can give me some useful hints. Turn the power off and reinsert the Game Card. 0435 - Over the Hedge (U) - Nice FMV but slow then ingame is the black screen on the top and on lol Spoiler: Movie Station And finally the video section…this time around, I only have two to show off. Should we go with 0.3.6 version ?

Turn power off and reinsert the Game Card. 0505 - Mario Basket 3 on 3 (J) - black screen 0506 - Nintendo DS Browser (J) - It say something in the Example: Phanpy with Huge Power, Chingling with Magic Guard and Spearow with Anger Point or Gible with Inner Focus. Attack will soar. DWSOD No$GBA = MEGA FAIL. you can try this out

Desmume Crashes

The Grubby Pup Where's mah shiny squeaky ball Join Date: May 2009 Location: Lettin' da madness & da music get 2 me! Windows XP SP2. Offline #8 2011-04-07 23:17:09 zeromus Radical Ninja Registered: 2009-01-05 Posts: 4,481 Re: DeSmuME crashing my computer if its software related then its junky drivers, video or manufacturer crapware. not directly anyway.

Has anybody figured out how to do this. Also, included are a guides on all important trainer battles encountered. Chikorita (Day) and Turtwig (Night) can both be found on Route 208. Low LinesJuly 1st, 2006, 10:46Rockmangames, I think it doesn't matter whether or not a game is to everyone's liking, we are simply seeing if the compatibility has indeed increased and to

Also, each Kanto Gym Leader have six, uh, Pokemon, with attacks that covers their weakness. While using an older version of the emulator might require less memory, there's no reason it should cause your computer to shut down. Low LinesJuly 8th, 2006, 01:03Rockmangames how could you be so mean!! http://forums.desmume.org/viewtopic.php?id=2398 Of course the term IT came into being AFTER I graduated from a university.

I changed it to Violin but it's still very quiet... http://www.mediafire.com/?9jezwhadfl633hd I will ask this one more time. here's the empty 32Mb SAV file you asked for. screw this.Click to expand...


Also, Gym Leader, Elite Four and Lance, all of their rematches has been edited and should be able to put up a decent fight against your Pokemon. This data might be useful for the emulator developer to find specific areas of incompatibility. Desmume Crashes I've heard of that term but I am no genius with words :( . Desmume Download BWTE 2: It was for editing the trainer’s Pokemon BWWE: For editing the wild Pokemon Dsbuff: For rebuilding the rom Cygnus Hex Editor: For editing the Pokemon base stats, moveset, evolutionary

Also, I tried integrating some WIFI like items, such as stragedy items (not Battle Scarfs...I don't think the computer's AI smart enough to use them correctly, I've got to look into What do you mean ? It said Save failed. The emulator causing your computer to go on the fritz like this is uncommon enough. Ds Emulator

Cuz right, I'm telling ya, don't expect no Gym Leader rematches or teams based off the manga, cuz there's none here. But, depending on which version of the mod you're playing, some of the Gym leaders you'll fight will use different Pokemon. greetz MXClick to expand... If you had try every versions from 0.5.0 to 0.9.5 and it is the same problem, then I have no idea now what's the cause of the problem.

The ability to capture Pokemon that’s not native in Unova; this includes the starters from other regions as well. Maybe I find the key there... Lol am not good at the technical stuff of emulators.

If you don’t know the code, just ask me.

What did I do ? :( Low LinesJune 21st, 2006, 16:12absolutely nothing....except there are 2 new NDS roms releases and you haven't done them LOL that's so not like you Rockmangames!! azoreseuropaJuly 5th, 2006, 04:23Yes, that's right but it doesnt mean it plays just fine because it is still didnt display properly. There are a number of songs that are listed on the Japanese wiki as having multiple versions on Wi-Fi, but I first noticed something odd when I went to download "Only If you pass those screens you get a frozen screen, since ARM7 is stalled for some reason.

Spoiler: Rival Battle Walkthrough Battle 1 Lv 6: Chikorita Battle 2 Lv 16: Buizel Lv 17: Murkrow Lv 19: Bayleef Battle 3 Lv 25: Gible Lv 27: Floatzel Lv 26: Murkrow file it's a/0/1/4 something...I think. Did you try adding your own save file to IDeaS and seeing if it would load? xDD I think this is what you requested right?

Low LinesJuly 5th, 2006, 16:17it is a shame iDeaS is still private because it has several advancements (ie Video codec & better 3D)...oh well The graphic errors are found in centipede's There's more new TMs out there, it's just up to you to find them. Since at the time the Japanese Wiki was updating regularly, there should be no reason for this date to be in error. If you pass those screens you get a frozen screen, since ARM7 is stalled for some reason.

Run it, and then open up desmume and try to play a game. Very, VERY time-consuming. First of all, Gyarados pretty much kills your electric type, cuz it survives an electric type attack from a electric type pokemon and then turns around a kills it with earthquake. Seems like an important option.

I thought the dialogue I put there was pretty neat, to say the least. Machoke evolves into Machamp by holding the Fist Plate and leveling up in sun light. (If you don't know what this means, it means; Daytime) Graveler evolves into Golem by holding Remember what I said earlier, fight them in this order. the 0.3.4 i released on my blog was using the latest cvs from the desmume team and the last 0.3.4 release was using the code from yopyop himself so somewhere along

I don't think it's that old.