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Can I Register An Application Name For Restart From Another Application?

Francesco is a cofounder of Code Architects srl, an Italian software company that specializes in using Microsoft technologies to create enterprise-level solutions and programming tools. On Windows, focuses on the application's first window. So, my queries are: 1. app.setJumpList(categories) Windows categories JumpListCategory[] or null - Array of JumpListCategory objects.

You signed out in another tab or window. Note: This will not affect process.argv. In the link : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa373651(VS.85).aspx It is written that : "When a GUI application receives aWM_ENDSESSIONmessage, the application should prepare itself to shut down within the specified timeout period." If you need help with New Relic products or want responses to your questions, please see our support site.

app.clearRecentDocuments() macOS Windows Clears the recent documents list. temp Temporary directory. app.setAboutPanelOptions(options) macOS options Object applicationName String (optional) - The app's name.

You shouldn't call other methods. Thanks Friday, January 15, 2010 11:11 AM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote Thanks_Superman_ If abc.exe will be running on system, I can directly register it for restart. Usually applications respond to this by making their primary window focused and non-minimized. These have two different effects: Location Effect Config file Changing the app name in the agent's configuration file will cause the application to report to a new heading in the New

Event: 'open-file' macOS Returns: event Event path String Emitted when the user wants to open a file with the application. When you first deploy your app, edit your config file and change the default name. app.dock.downloadFinished(filePath) macOS filePath String Bounces the Downloads stack if the filePath is inside the Downloads folder. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/26036697/developing-an-application-to-restart-another-application On macOS, launchInfo holds the userInfo of the NSUserNotification that was used to open the application, if it was launched from Notification Center.

A könyv előnézete » Mit mondanak mások-Írjon ismertetőtNem találtunk ismertetőket a szokott helyeken.Kiválasztott oldalakTartalomjegyzékTartalomjegyzékIntroducing Microsoft NET 2 34 14 PartV 21 Modules and Variables 25 Variables 37 Control Flow and Error Please refer to Apple's documentation for details. Event: 'web-contents-created' Returns: event Event webContents WebContents Emitted when a new webContents is created. videos Directory for a user's videos.

Take care to wrap paths in quotes. https://books.google.com/books?id=3qDzBwAAQBAJ&pg=PA119&lpg=PA119&dq=Can+I+register+an+application+name+for+restart+from+another+application?&source=bl&ots=Vj_y5B2rgM&sig=6SuR45EeBm9edBvkjjkSujNzv_U&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUK Note: This API has no effect on MAS builds. Increasingly, large parallel computing systems and networks are providing unique challenges to industry and academia in dependable computing, espe cially because of the higher failure rates intrinsic to these systems. Event: 'window-all-closed' Emitted when all windows have been closed.

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Using event.preventDefault() prevents the application from using the first certificate from the store. Terms Privacy Security Status Help You can't perform that action at this time. I really doubt, whetherRestart Manager register an application for restart after sending messageWM_QUERYENDSESSION orWM_ENDSESSION message ? If you do not subscribe to this event and all windows are closed, the default behavior is to quit the app; however, if you subscribe, you control whether the app quits

At this point, all it needs to do is register itself for restart with the appropriate command line arguments - it doesn't need to launch another application (abc.exe) - until AFTER webpageURL String (optional) - The webpage to load in a browser if no suitable app is installed on the resuming device. Visualize nested array Possible to use bind :variable inside SELECT clause?

This is actually the suggested way of doing it.

However - read above - this shouldn't be necessary.2) Not after WM_ENDSESSION3) The timeout is short, but I believe it's settable via the registry, so it's not a constant period you The callback is guaranteed to be executed after the ready event of app gets emitted. app.getFileIcon(path[, options], callback) path String options Object (optional) size String small - 16x16 normal - 32x32 large - 48x48 on Linux, 32x32 on Windows, unsupported on macOS. app.setLoginItemSettings(settings[, path, args]) macOS Windows settings Object openAtLogin Boolean (optional) - true to open the app at login, false to remove the app as a login item.

Registering for restart at this point is perfectly fine, since that's a fast operation.Reed Copsey, Jr. - http://reedcopsey.com Marked as answer by Krishna_S Saturday, January 16, 2010 1:16 PM Friday, January music Directory for a user's music. You can however change the file with a simple text editor or script during build time. if (myWindow) { if (myWindow.isMinimized()) myWindow.restore() myWindow.focus() } }) if (shouldQuit) { app.quit() } // Create myWindow, load the rest of the app, etc...

app.dock.setBadge(text) macOS text String Sets the string to be displayed in the dock’s badging area. Is there a way to prevent someone from making his own client app for my webservice? Java Set app_name to a maximum of three names separated by a semicolon. .NET Use any of the available options to name your .NET app. dec. 6. - 401 oldal 0 Ismertetőkhttps://books.google.hu/books/about/Fault_Tolerant_Parallel_and_Distributed.html?hl=hu&id=3qDzBwAAQBAJThe most important use of computing in the future will be in the context of the global "digital convergence" where everything becomes digital and every

app.dock.setMenu(menu) macOS menu Menu Sets the application's dock menu.