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Can't Get 64 Bit Vista To Recognize For Than 3GB Of RAMM

If I ever do get rid of this lemon I will never purchase from them again and I will advice all my friends to stay clear of those jerks. You should see some improvement with high i/o (memory and/or disk) processes ... The app didn't have any specific compiler options when we built it, but by the output of our profiler, the app itself was using 3.3GB of the total mem used. mrfrogydogApr 4, 2013, 8:33 PM Today I received my 2 4gb ram modules from Crucial, unfortunately windows is being annoying, as usual, and every time I try and run my computer original site

Just go OS X if you need the GUI interface! Vista works well once you disable half of the "bells and whistles" Microsoft put into it. If you install a Windows operating system, if more than 3GB memory is required for your system, then the below conditions should be met: 1. Recommends: Kiva.org - Loans that change lives.

Parker - Monday, July 21, 2008 1:08:37 AM Laptop so its kinda good for 15" Processor: coare 2 duo T9300 2.5ghz 5.4 RAM: 4gb. 5.1 Graphics: 5.9 Gaming graphics: quadro 570m You will need to upgrade memory, and processor speeds constantly. However, I am unaware of any ‘need' to exceed the 4 Gig RAM limitation withini the next 2-3 years.

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Share Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Reddit 64-bitgamingVistawindows Speak Your Mind spencermatthewp Of course the memory limit (3Gig) is due to windows, not the hardware. Native 64 bit software would help, though 32 bit will run fine most times. Have a good one, neomaine NEW! I talked with the Computer store this morning.

If they had made Vista 64 bit only and kept XP for 32 bit lower spec systems (remembering you can still but XP today), this would have had several benefits. Hard core power user go Windows. i want to upgrade windows xp to windows 7. read this post here Or at least that’s the word according to a new blog from Tech Target on AWS’s new Managed Services (MS) offering.

He replaced the ramm as well. Best of both worlds, imho. Which is why I have it in the first place, just for netflix and hulu for the family and kids. petersrin05-15-2009, 06:43 AMI just installed Win 7 RC1 last night.

I would stay away from Vista at this time, it has a lot of issues which still hasn't been resolve with the current release of Vista Service Pack 1. I run with XP style menus, used tweakuac, turned off defender. Matz - Wednesday, December 3, 2008 5:51:12 PM AMD Phenom X4 9750 25GHz - 5.9 4 GB Corsiar XMS2 DDR2 800 - 5.9 Nvidia Geforce 8800GTX (Aero) - 5.9 Nvidia Geforce So, you are starting with 3.5 not 4gb (because of OS limitations) and you now need to subtract Video Cache, DVD cache, etc from main memory - each PCI card you

Unless you have funky hardware that doesn't have the necessary 64-bit drivers (more of a problem for XP than Vista), there's really no reason not to go 64. Sorry my mistake. Quote 29th Jul 200908:57 #3 G)-(OST View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Member Join DateApr 2005 The advantages are most apparent when you have a large amount of RAM Any input is greatly appreciated.

But the answer "is" generic, we all agree that it is a RAM issue (4GB+), including me, just as I originally stated, without being so anal about it. Thanks, Ben. The memory controller which supports memory swap functionality is used. I should also add I'm not a big fan of Vista and prefer not use that so I need to jump on XP quickly as MS is planning to stop selling

Vista Home premium HTPC 5.5 Base score Proc Q6700 = 5.9 Mem 4GB = 5.8 Graph 8600 GT OC = 5.9 HDD(s) 3.8TB (5 HDDs) = 5.5 (main drive is 500GB Just beautifull Remy - Friday, November 30, 2007 8:00:28 PM CPU E6850 2x3.0 = 5.0 RAM 4.0GB OCZ 1066 = 5.9 GPU 8800 ULTRA AERO = 5.9 GPU 8800 ULTRA GAMING also the security is also high so the malicious programs cant change the windows's kernel so you don't need to worry about Windows's Security if some one say keep your 32

Knoppix and BartPE aren't installed - they are booted from - Knoppix never installs anything and BartPE only installs a small helper application to help you build the CD. 0

Hey Are there any real advantages using XP Pro 64bit over using 32bit ? The limiting number being the Graphics card. I will upgrade it to Win7 . Recommends: Kiva.org - Loans that change lives.

This is a new machine. Upgrading my processor to a 2.2ghz core2duo soon, I won't worry about the ram. I know I need a different license for LW, but are there costs associated with it? but wasn't sure, on one of my comps, i run vista 32-bit, with a quadcore, and 2gb of ddr2, and wasn't sure if it was worth going to the 64-bit USmale47374

Lost password/username? Alternately, you may wish to leave both settings so that you can choose to boot without the 3GB switch should you ever have problems with drivers installed in the future.