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Youtube Videos Won't Play In Internet Explorer 11


Thanks to David Bragason, fixed a bug that made it impossible to subtract from a selection or create a centered oval selection if there was an underlying overlay. Thanks to Norbert Vischer, the macro debugger now flags changed variables. This does kinda remind me of that, albeit hit with a some "Web 2.0" buzzwords and fancier coding. didn't work for me it said INTERNET EXPLORER HAS STOPPED WORKING after i have done the ie8-rereg Sun Oct 26, 05:31:00 PM Anonymous said... this website

Would prefer the main unmovable window to be a news window and not an advert for a TV prog. Thanks again! After they fixed it, IE started to >act up like this. > >I haven't found anything on the site about this either. Can't wait for the iPlayer to become embedded in the rest of the site - I think that will make a big difference.

Youtube Videos Won't Play In Internet Explorer 11

Updated the setResult() macro function to work with string values and added the getResultString() function. At 04:37 AM on 15 Dec 2007, Ian Cholewa wrote: Oh no! I'm presuming there would be more widgets at launch (e.g. Thanks to Volko Straub, added the Overlay.moveSelection(index,x,y) macro function (example).

More About Us... Ugh! Added the getinfo("selection.color") and getValue("selection.width") macro functions. Videos Won't Play On Chrome if you still face internet explorer related problems like internet explorer not working or other computer related problems just dial IE help number and get complete technical help and support: 1-855-212-2247

The date & time should be an option, not a default. 5. Youtube Videos Not Playing Internet Explorer 11 The recorder displays a warning when the options string in run(command,options) calls contain one or more non-ascii characters. Like the retro clock but wouldn't mind a digital option. check that It speeded up my internet, cleaned some stuff & blocks ads that used to come up.

At 09:30 AM on 14 Dec 2007, Cennydd Bowles wrote: Impressive, congratulations to everyone involved. This Browser Does Not Support Video Playback Internet Explorer Reset it. Tue Jun 18, 01:28:00 AM Anonymous said... Have just changed to the international version so I don't have to look at some spikey haired pop group!

Youtube Videos Not Playing Internet Explorer 11

This fixed my IE and my lost explorer search button. https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/video-doesnt-display-internet-explorer.html The File menu and popup menu of non-active results windows now contain "Rename..." and "Duplicate..." commands. Youtube Videos Won't Play In Internet Explorer 11 Thanks to Federico Luzzati, added a "Prepend" option to the Image>Stacks>Add Slice dialog box. Can't Play Youtube Videos Internet Explorer 11 Thanks to Jarek Sacha, fixed a bug that cuased File>Import>Image Sequence to sometimes not set the correct slice labels when opening a series as a virtual stack.

Secondly, I agree with the above comment about the wrong use of 'Edit'. imp source At 03:11 PM on 14 Dec 2007, Dave Gerrard wrote: I agree with the poster above. Thanks to Thorsten Wagner and Michael Schmid, fixed a bug that caused the Analyze>Summarize command to fail if the Results table contained headings with spaces. If you’re still having issues, try these solutions: The video stops playing when you change the resolution (especially in full screen mode) A black or white box replaces the video Colors Videos Won't Play On My Computer

Thanks to Olivier Cardoso, fixed a bug that could cause an exception when calling an Ext macro function. I have WinXP (32 bits) and none of the three solutions worked separately. At 06:08 PM on 14 Dec 2007, Kris wrote: Well done to all at the BBC Web team. http://sortpictures.net/internet-explorer/internet-explorer-11-appcrash.html Thanks to Johannes Schindelin, fixed ROI Manager bugs that caused key presses to be recorded twice, caused multiple selections to be recorded incorrectly as single selections, and caused macro calls like

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!I have been trying to fix the IE on Win7 and nothing worked so far.None of Microsoft suggestions worked for me.Only running the script "ie8-rereg.32on64.cmd" file woked for Videos Won't Play Firefox At 05:18 PM on 13 Dec 2007, Matt wrote: Very nice. This is like a breath of fresh air!

Windows 7 64-bit.

Fixed a bug that caused the Results window to flicker when the ResultsTable.show("Results") method was called repeatedly (example). Still nothing worked for me. I even like the pointless clock. This Browser Does Not Support Video Playback Twitter Internet Explorer At 05:23 PM on 14 Dec 2007, Kev wrote: How about using more of that space on the left and right?

Fixed a bug that caused the ROI Manager to sometimes unexpectedly display a "Save n ROIs as an overlay" message. It is a beta page after all. Congrats BBC. my company The New Year will bring more treats including video on the homepage and an iPlayer widget.

Thanks to Michael Schmid, worked around a race condition in the run("Make Composite") macro function that could cause non-batch mode macros using it to fail. Generally it also needs to be much less chunky - the aim should be to allow users to fit all the content they want to see within one page without scrolling. The clock is a classic of good design and has some style - keep it and be different! Thank you!

It's invaluable!! After they fixed it, IE started to > act up like this. > > I haven't found anything on the site about this either. Michael Schmid fixed two PlugInFilterRunner bugs related to Preview and PARALLELIZE_IMAGES. 1.47g 2 December 2012 Changed the "Brightness/Contrast", "Channels", "Threshold" and "Color Picker" windows to modeless dialogs that do not have Thanks to Denny Hugg, fixed a bug that caused File>Save As>Gif to create GIF images that would not work as custom cursors.

my antivirus doesn't like the filetrip website where I have to download this. At 04:32 PM on 14 Dec 2007, Tim Spiers wrote: I really liked the previous home page, having said that it is good to improve things and I am already starting And be able to choose more than one BBC local radio? Likewise, I pay a fee to my Cable Provider for the BBC channels, I would guess you see some of this revenue, so why am I excluded from the majority of

Made the IJ.runPlugIn(String,String,String) method public. I like the ideas but find the origional does the job well already. Added the Edit>Selection>Interpolate command. Thanks to Nico Stuurman, added setPaintPending() and getPaintPending() methods to the ImageCanvas class.

I downloaded it, got after a couple tries I found the right button...little blind. Plots created by Analyze>Calibrate always use an x range of 0-255 with 8-bit images. Are you using IE6 SP1 ? The Convert Overlay To Icon macro converts an overlay or selection in a 16x16 image into a tool icon. 1.48j 11 December 2013 The toolbar is now expandable, with support for

Problem resolved in 5 minutes.