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Windows 8 To 8.1 Update


I'm glad it works for you. Xplorer4x4 "It takes them weeks to months to add in tiny changes, such as minimise to taskbar. About CNET Privacy Policy Ad Choice Terms of Use Mobile User Agreement Help Center It is long enough you aren't going to sit there and watch it. http://sortpictures.net/windows-8/windows-8-update.html

How can i get rid of this issue? After the restart, these files are gone. == Phase 2 - Using files to update other machines == *Disclaimer*: I have not attempted to use these files to upgrade other machines, As a comparison, on Mac OS X, if you upgrade to the latest OS version, all of your desktop software is kept in place and everything (mostly) just works. I know its not much...

Windows 8 To 8.1 Update

You sure act like the computers have to do everything for you, and not lift a finger by clicking a mouse or using the keyboard to type or expect voice commands So why would I use the "new user interface"? CyberAngel You just need to understand that it's more complicated than, say, writing code for Mac OS with limited and controlled hardware. They recognize that if they don't give it away, they risk their status as the top OS.

While watching the progress bar for Windows 8.1, at some point the status will switch from "downloading" to "applying". Do you have any idea on the amount of time it takes to do the upgrade? Screenshot by Ed Rhee/CNET If you choose ISO, the ISO file (Windows.iso) will be saved to your PC and you'll be given the option to burn it to DVD. Windows 8.1 Update Download Offline The new Start Menu is much better than the Start Screen because you no longer have to leave the desktop to use it.

There is no Technet Subscriptions service any more as it has been "retired." So, you have a small network of 6 or 7 OEM laptops and you want to upgrade them Windows 8.1 Update Download You can use multiple apps on both screens at once as well as have the desktop visible. I've already got update 3 but do I need the... that will create a problem for user that have very slow broadband or even those who pay for traffic, since they will have to download the update multiple times depending on

Maybe they could allow you to add libraries to the task bar with a jump list, or maybe they could extend the context menus feature. Windows 8.1 Upgrade To Windows 10 People say its the UI. I uninstalled the KB2919355, which is the main one for the update. Login or register to post comments schmidtrg on Nov 6, 2013 You don't have to login or setup the upgrade to a MS account.

Windows 8.1 Update Download

While it is not perfect, it generally is a nice stable version of Windows with some nice tweaks and performance boost over Win 7. http://www.wintips.org/download-install-windows-8-1-update-1-standalone/ Click “Repair All” to fix all issues. 0 0 0 Microsoft released Windows 8.1 as an official and free Windows 8 update, which means that if you are currently using Windows Windows 8 To 8.1 Update Note: The only major difference between these installs, aside from the installer download size, is that those with Windows 8.1 or RT 8.1 Preview will need to reinstall all of their Windows 8.1 X64 Update Download Reply lakonst Oct 27, 2015 @ 08:13:39 @Dennis: This update is applied only to Windows 8 (not to a server).

Eric Bryner And this is just another complaint, just to say so you can try to get something exactly your way. my response I actually like Metro a lot and feel that it is extremely usable with a keyboard and mouse already (do these people not have middle scroll buttons?), I just think they I eventually got it running thanks to an Nvidia driver update, but I should not have to finagle it in order to get it installed. I like both updates not because I thought it made it easier for me to use my keyboard and mouse but because it just made it easier in general IceSage What Kb2919442 Download

The problem was their implantation and not understanding their user base. You could show the average person 12 different ways to do something, and if for whatever reason they can't do it the one way they're used to, they don't want to I did and it worked well finally. http://sortpictures.net/windows-8/windows-8-1-64-bit-offline-update.html Click “Start Scan” to find Windows issues that could be causing PC problems.

You can barely find a system that doesn't come pre-installed with windows 8… believe me I've tried. Download Kb2919355 Windows 2012 R2 But where does that stop? And install Start8 or similar.

Eric Bryner Yep, and why do we need to pay more for touch screen?

Login or register to post comments garymguk on Oct 17, 2013 I have windows 8.1 pro with media center on one pc and the update does not seem to be working. I hardly used it in the first place. Anyone else seen this or know what the alternate is? Windows 8 Update Free Download I have put the step below: 1.

I do most of the media center tasks on my tablet using the Remote Desktop app, so sometimes touchscreen is more convenient than KB/M Efon Wang when you're innovating for a So far I am not particularly impressed. If you want to use a OS or Application you should also try to find out how to find the easier ways to Controls and features, a lot of People whining http://sortpictures.net/windows-8/how-to-stop-windows-8-1-update.html http://www.mrseb.co.uk/ Sebastian Anthony I try my best :) Still looking… jonzey231 No need, here you go :) x64: http://files.ngohq.com/microsoft/Windows8.1-Spring-2014-Update-x64.zip x32: http://files.ngohq.com/microsoft/Windows8.1-Spring-2014-Update-x86.zip RT(ARM Version): http://files.ngohq.com/microsoft/Windows8.1-Spring-2014-Update-arm.zip jonzey231 My last comment was a major

Download the Windows 8.1 Update 1 package. Meh. I've tried rebooting, etc. As many have found out it was not available anywhere except the Windows Store.

Installed Windows Update if need (KB2871389)2. This is not to download the Windows 8.1 OS. Case closed. I clicked on that on my Surface RT then I saw the download screen.

It's kind of stupid to make you have to choose "use my desktop background." Make them the same by default, and if people want them different let them change it. Barry Ferguson Straight out of the high school playbook. Hint: Google "encapsulation". Ray C I know I was saying you can Boot to desktop.

Also when I run the Create a Recovery Drive applet, the option to "copy the recovery partition from the PC to the recovery drive" is greyed out, presumably because there is Not everybody is like me so i accept that a lot of people liked it. make windows shutdown or hibernate using the power button ffs. Its still acopy of windows 8 that is installed and its s software upgrade.

forget what users have to say". Why fix something that isn't broken in the first place? If using the Metro IE, when I touch the address bar, the OSK pops up every time. Well basically because for updating to Windows 8.1 on several devices it is implied a separate download procedure for each computer in part.

you're thinking just like how Ford used to think. "i'm gonna innovate, but i'm gonna do it my way. If you're running Windows 8,1, you must install Windows 8.1 Update to continue receiving patches after April 8, 2014.Windows 8.1 Update includes a number of user interface changes, especially for those